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LG ups power of OLED, QNED in 2022

A new processor will drive more detail and brightness in LG’s latest range of TVs, covering both self-emitting organic pixels and the Mini-LED backed screens, too.

Easily one of the biggest announcements of any CES, it’s what’s happening in the world of TVs, and this year, LG has a few things coming. A few big things, in fact, especially if you have the dollar bucks to afford it.

The news is coming at the beginning of CES 2022, and while LG took the time to show off a few things before the show began — such as new OLED monitors — LG’s world of OLED is getting supersized in 2022, thanks to a staggeringly big 97 inch OLED screen in the LG G2 OLED, a “gallery” class TV that sports the self-emitting organic LEDs that make up OLED, plus a new processor powering the range.

There appear to be two main ranges of OLED screens being announced so far, with the G2 Gallery OLED TVs being accompanied by the C2 OLED TVs, models that will likely be joined by an A2 and B2 later on, but right now, the attention is on the other letters. Essentially, the premium letters in LG’s OLED range.

In the C2, LG is providing an OLED for most people, providing OLED TVs at 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches, and supporting a new processor inside, the Alpha 9 Gen 5, which uses AI to upscale performance and enhance depth in the imagery. The new processor will also handle sound, with the TV speakers able to emulate Dolby Atmos using psychoacoustic technology, offering 7.1.2.

Over in the LG G2, the look is a little slimmer again complete with a wall mounting design, arriving in a 55, 65, 77, 83, and 97 inch size, and sporting a brightness boosting technology alongside the new Alpha 9 processor.

You can probably expect these to be relatively big in price, of course, though we suspect later releases will cover the entry-level options, likely using lower processors in a yet-to-be-confirmed 2022 A- and B-series OLED TVs.

However, the new TVs will also include updates to how you control the webOS, and support for something LG calls “NFC Magic Tap”. Specifically, if your phone supports NFC, you can tap your phone to the remote to log into it for profiles, and even mirror what’s on your phone using the NFC handshake.

The new OLED TVs will also include a game optimiser functionality for folks plugging in consoles and PCs, plus some new apps, including an LG Fitness app and a K-Pop teaching app “1M HomeDance”, which will see LG collaborate with 1Million Dance Studio to watch and learn K-Pop dance moves.

There’s still no word on whether LG will have 8K content on its 8K TVs, mind you, but it will have at least one more of those coming in its QNED variety.

Launched last year, QNED is LG’s take on quantum dot Mini-LED TVs, similar to Samsung’s Neo QLED, with the 2022 QNED screens including the Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor as well for better upscaling and smoother depth, plus that whole virtual Dolby Atmos thing, something we suspect will sound a little like the Sonos Beam Gen 2’s use of psychoacoustic 3D sound, albeit from the TV instead of from a soundbar.

However, like most things CES, there’s no word on pricing, but given the typical TV changeover season, we’re anticipating new LG screens to arrive in Australia from April.

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