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Jabra’s $219 Elite 5 makes a play for mid-range ANC

There’s yet more competition vying for a chance to cancel the noise, as Jabra looks to a new mid-range point in its Elite earphones.

Jabra’s long running truly wireless “Elite” earphone range sure has a few entries in it, but its most recent launched at IFA this year could be the most compelling yet.

It’s all in the value really, as Jabra looks to extend on the great example offered in this year’s Elite 4 Active almost in the best way possible: by making it better.

If you missed the Jabra Elite 4 Active earlier in the year, the $179 truly wireless earphones offered a more than decent stab at noise cancellation in a user friendly and price appropriate package, but missed out on some of the premium tech we’ve seen in the high-end Elite 7 Pro. They are still the benchmark for Jabra’s truly wireless consumer offerings, and nothing quite gets close.

In this year’s Elite 5, that is changing.

Coming to Australia for a good $40 more, the Elite 5 bring truly wireless earphones with a Stole not unlike the high-end Elite 7, active noise cancellation, wireless charging, IP55 water resistance, plus three microphones per ear.

About the only major hardware difference we can figure between the Jabra Elite 5 and Elite 7 is the absence of bone conduction technology to improve call sound, but otherwise, these appear on point with major ANC earphones.

The battery life seems strong too, supporting up to 7 hours with ANC on per charge and a total of 28 in the case, which itself can be charged wired or wirelessly.

Then there’s the price: at $219 in Australia, Jabra is pitching the Elite 5 at a very competitive place, undercutting some of the less expensive app-equipped noise cancelling earphones that are made to work with Android, including the recent Google Pixel Buds Pro and the Beats Fit Pro, both of which are $299 locally.

They’ll also come with Bluetooth Multipoint, fast pairing from Google, plus support for assistants via Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Jabra’s Elite 5 look set to be available in stores in Australia more or less now $219, and our review should be along shortly, as well.

UPDATE: Jabra has informed us it provided the wrong local price. It was previously listed as $199, but the Elite 5 will in fact cost $219 in Australia.

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