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Google to launch Pixel 7, Pixel Watch in October

It’s not just Apple with a new phone and watch shortly, as Google looks set to join with its own gadgets a month later.

Fans of the iPhone may well get a new model or four when Apple launches the new iPhone 14 range this week, but Android fans can also expect something new from Google not long after, as well.

Barely a day before Apple talks up what we can expect to see, Google has noted when its new gear will arrive, with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro set to launch on October 6 in the US, which will be midnight on October 7 in Australia.

Google is already giving a bit of a glimpse even in its store front about what we can expect from the Pixel 7 phones, with new Tensor chips inside in the Tensor G2 chip, plus new cameras, as well. While Apple might be secretive over what its phones look like, Google isn’t as tight-lipped, with a short video previewing what you can expect.

And it’s not just two new phones that we can expect from the launch, either.

A Pixel Watch is on the way, as well, bringing together Google and Fitbit in a wearable bearing the Pixel name, while Google is also talking up new Nest gadgets, as well. Could that mean a new Nest Audio speaker or maybe a new Nest smart display? We’ll find out soon.

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