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DC Universe set to bring unlimited comics to phones, tablets in Australia

Finding digital comics isn’t necessarily easy for Australians, but if you’re a fan of Batman, Superman, or DC in general, that’s about to change.

There’s no shortage of things to watch and do on your phone or tablet, be it music or movies or TV shows or games or reading, but one area that doesn’t always sit on the top of everyone’s mind is the world of comics.

That might be because it’s not as heavily promoted, or it might even be because there aren’t a lot of indications outside of America as to how you read digital comics on your devices.

You can technically buy them individually, but the subscription services that make comic reading easy have largely existed only in America up until now, making the Netflix model of “all you can consume” for a monthly or annual price easier for comic readers overall, just not if you lived outside America, it seemed.

The publisher of Batman, Superman, and many other titles looks to be changing that, though, as DC’s unlimited platform, DC Universe Infinite, looks set to roll out its library of over 25,000 comics and graphic novels outside America.

It’s a system that looks to go online this week in Australia and New Zealand, with other countries later in the year including the UK, Brazil, and Mexico, offering an unlimited assortment of DC comics on phones and tablets, payable in local currency.

That’s distinct from the access to other services you might be able to gain access to which because of their US-centric business model may leave you paying in US dollars, dealing with conversion fee for whatever it is during the time.

Rather, DC promises Australians will be able to pay an annual fee for $64.99 for a year of the service during the first 30 days of DC Universe Infinite launching (basically until the end of April), with the regular price switching to $99.99 Australian for a year’s worth of the DC comics service after it (New Zealand’s pricing is the same). Monthly subscriptions are also offered, with a $9.99 price per month for access to the service.

“DC is thrilled to soon welcome comic book fans from other countries to our digital service for the first time,” said Anne Leung DePies, Senior Vice President and General Manager for DC.

“Making DC Universe Infinite available globally is one of our major priorities and this launch is the first of many more to come,” she said.

Rolling the service out now adds one more digital comics option for locals on this side of the world, though clearly we’ll need to wait and see if Disney and Marvel’s equivalent service, Marvel Unlimited, launches the same.

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