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Apple’s live sessions make the jump to spatial sound

Listening to live music is about to sound a little more immersive, as Apple turns its “Sessions” recordings into something with Dolby Atmos support.

If you’re a subscriber to Apple Music, there’s a chance you’ve listened to spatial sound through one way or another. One of the only music services in Australia to support a 3D style of music, subscribers on both iPhone and Android can listen to some great music in Dolby Atmos spatial sound, while those with an iDevice and a pair of compatible Apple or Beats headphones can experience it with head-tracking, something limited to folks living in the Apple world specifically.

Support for Dolby Atmos spatial sound isn’t just there for music, with iPhone and iPad owners able to hear it in other services, too, however the music choices are always growing, moving from new albums and remasters to DJ mixes in recent months, and now something else: live sessions from Apple.

The latest addition to Apple Music effectively adds support for Dolby Atmos to new releases from Apple Music Sessions, live recordings handled in a sort of “unplugged” style recorded both in audio and video at Apple Studio locations found across the world.

It joins live performances recorded with an audience that also have been made into Atmos spatial audio releases, of which more are gradually popping up.

To begin with, Apple Music Sessions’ first Atmos releases cover Carrie Underwood and Tenille Townes, both of which have been launched, though we’re yet to find out whether the releases will see previous iTunes Sessions remastered into spatial alongside. Our guess is no, especially when Apple Music can upscale music to support a form of virtualised spatial for people who want that.

For folks keen to hear the new Sessions tracks, however, releases from Underwood and Townes are live now, with more expected to be on the way.

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