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Telstra TV adds Disney+ for families at home

There’s one more service for folks with a Telstra TV, as Disney+ rocks up sporting 4K across programming for kids and adults alike.

Ever since Disney launched its “Disney+” back in 2019, Disney has offered an interesting assortment of hundreds of shows and movies, and the recent addition of Star’s adult programming from the likes of Fox has improved that even more.

But there has been one place Disney+ wasn’t: Telstra TV set-top boxes.

Fortunately, that changes this week.

Telstra has announced that Disney+ is being added to Telstra TV set-top boxes this week, supporting the same assortment of programming you can find on Disney+ across consoles, smart TVs, and Apple TV, except through Telstra’s take on a smart TV set-top box, the latest revision appearing in 2019.

To get it, owners will need to will need to make their way to the Telstra TV App Store and download the Disney app directly from here, either signing up for a Disney+ account or logging in with one they may already have. That’ll get them access to the same catalogue every subscriber finds across Disney, with some of these delivering 4K HDR, given the current generation of Telstra TV supports this, as well.

Telstra TV (2019)

“The addition of Disney+ and their wonderful content library will be welcome news for new and existing Telstra TV customers who have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the streaming home of some of the most recognisable, beloved, and highly anticipated titles in film and TV,” said Nathan Gumley, Executive for Home and Entertainment at Telstra.

“Available now across Telstra TV’s first, second and third generation devices, users can now stream their Disney+ subscription alongside the biggest names in entertainment and sport from our local and international streaming app partners,” he said.

Telstra hasn’t noted whether the entire range of Telstra TV models supports 4K on Disney+, thought given at least generation 2 and 3 models supported the technology, it should be there for at least two versions. However it does mean that owners using those gadgets may also now have access to 4K Star Wars movies, as well as 4K Marvel flicks, both of which can be found across Disney+, as well.

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