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Telstra cuts prices on iPhones for one week in April

If you wanted to buy a new iPhone, there are savings to be had, with a snap sale from Telstra.

Every so often, telcos run a sale that might actually be worth paying attention to, and this week, there might be one of those.

Telstra has announced that it will be taking at least $100 off iPhones for a week, open to both new and existing customers, with devices bought outright or on plans.

It’s specifically happening for one week, running from April 13 to April 19, with a Telstra spokesperson telling Pickr that it does “sales and offers on different models and lines from time to time”. It just so happened that the time apparently was for Apple’s iPhones to get a bit of a discount, short lived as it is.

The sale will see $150 taken off the cost of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, while other iPhone models see $100 off. Telstra confirmed the $100 off also applies to the iPhone SE, which at $679 outright would see the iPhone SE for $579 for a 64GB iPhone that week, making it one of the least expensive new iPhones on the market for that week.

Telstra gave no other reason for why the iPhone sale is a thing this week, though it’s unlikely to be a new model of iPhone on the way. While rumours suggest we may see those released sooner than expected, it’s still a touch too early, and so we doubt Telstra is doing it to clear stock the same way it might when a new model is released. Rather, it just might be a way to get more phones sold, which — shock horror — is rather important for a phone network.

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