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Skullcandy gets a true wireless earphone under $80

Going without the cords shouldn’t cost an arm or a leg, but it can. Fortunately, the latest pair of budget earphones cuts the cords for the price of corded options.

Now that phones aren’t coming with earphones, there’s more of an insistence on brands to buy a better pair of earphones. You probably know that the earphones that come with a mobile aren’t the best they can be, but they tend to be free, and it’s hard to argue with the price of free.

Buying a pair of earphones is almost always a better idea, but not everyone has a lot of money for a pair of wireless earphones, and there are some really cheap clones out there that just don’t deliver. However some bigger brands are looking to get the price down, with Skullcandy joining in this week.

We already saw a few new options from the brand only weeks ago, but while those introductions were focused on noise cancellation, the latest has something else in mind: budgets.

The new earphones come in a pair named the Skullcandy Jib True, a small-ish earphone that cuts the cords and wires with a truly wireless design, including an IPX4 light water resistance, plus six hours of earphone battery and an extra 16 hours in the case to charge from.

There’s no noise cancellation in the Skullcandy Jib True, and we have no idea what the name “Jib” means, but it’s basically a pair of inexpensive earphones made for people keen to take sound to go without losing a lot of dough.

“We’re so excited to be bringing this incredible update to our Jib franchise,” said Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer for Skullcandy.

“For those looking to try out true wireless earbuds for the first time and at an affordable price, Jib True is it,” she said. “We’ve packed it with all the essential, must-have features, and we can’t wait for people to start listening without anything holding them back.”

While the Skullcandy Jib True wireless earphones are indeed inexpensive at an $80 price ($79.95 RRP in Australia), they’re not a benchmark on price. You can find AirPods clones from department stores at lower prices, but the audio and comfort are hardly worth talking about, and they’re literally the embodiment of “you get what you pay for”, which isn’t much.

At $79.95, however, Skullcandy is pitching at people who might want to check out the Beats Flex, an inexpensive take on wireless earphones that arrived alongside the iPhone 12 range.

You can find the Skullcandy Jib True earphones in Australia now at JB HiFi and at Skullcandy’s online shop now, available in two colours with a $79.95 recommended retail price.

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