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JBL’s JR310 brings wireless sound to junior ears

The backseat is about to be wire free and oh so quiet as JBL updates its wireless headphones for kids, keeping the price low, too.

Wireless headphones are becoming super common, so much that it’s even possible to find a pair of wireless earphones with a smartphone. Granted, it doesn’t happen every day or for every phone, but the ease of use that a pair of wireless headphones brings is coming to more price points, so much that it’s relatively easy to find them for kids, too.

Even though you’re probably used to handing a pair of wired earphones to the kids, or just letting them scream their sound from a phone or tablet, wireless earphones are getting to a price point where they’re not a super expensive spend, and may actually be a solid option for keeping the volume down, too.

The latest pair for kids comes from JBL, which has made a pair of wireless headphones for kids that not only keeps them up and running for 30 hours, but also maxes out at 85 decibels (85dB), so they won’t raise too high in volume and hurts a child’s ears unnecessarily.

The headphones are the JBL JR 310BT, and essentially provide a compact approach to on-ear headphones with bright colours and soft cushions, complete with a built-in microphone to talk to people over a phone or on a computer.

JBL’s JR 310BT follow on from the last generation, the JBL JR 300BT, which offered much the same approach, complete with the 85dB maximum volume limit, but a lower battery life. Back in 2017 when they launched in Australia, the JR 300BT provided as much as 12 hours of battery life, but four years on, it has nearly tripled, hitting as high as 30 hours, and now also include some quick charging over a USB Type C port.

“We have made some improvements on the Junior range around fast charging so kids have their headphones whenever they need them. And with the noise limiting technology, parents can be rest assured their ears are protected. In a range of great colours, we are proud to introduce great JBL sound to little ones as well,” said Marcus Fry, General Manager for Harman in Australia and New Zealand, the brand which owns JBL.

While the battery life has improved, the price has stayed more or less the same, with the wireless option, the JBL JR 310BT, set to cost $69.95 in Australia, while the wired JBL JR310 without Bluetooth will cost $39.95 locally.

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