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Jabra makes sure its Elite 85t earphones fit with a test

Not sure if your earphones are doing your hearing justice? The hearing aid-owned Jabra is adding a feature to make sure they fit perfectly, because that matters.

You may not realise it, but some of the brands associated with wireless sound make more than just earphones for your listening pleasure.

You probably already know that Sony has been in audio for a long time, not just making the original Walkman, but also working in sound in movies. Bose and Plantronics also have a stellar audio history, building audio equipment for aircraft, while Oppo’s history in audio comes from when it was Oppo Digital and made some celebrated headphones and small amps.

Jabra also has a colourful history, largely thanks to the company that owns it: ReSound, formerly GN Resound. It’s ok if you’ve never heard of ReSound, but it specialises in hearing aids, giving it some understanding of ears.

Part of that group, which also stretches to Bluetooth headsets in BlueParrott, Jabra’s understanding of hearing and research in the field helps to make it a contender, and it explains some of where a new feature is coming from for its recent Elite 85t earphones, as Jabra looks to make sure you’re wearing the earphones properly.

Jabra Elite 85t reviewed

Jabra already includes a hearing test of sorts with its earphones, ideal if you want to go through the motions and listen to tones to customise the sound of your earphones, but the latest addition is all about getting that fit right. Specifically, when you launch MyFit on the Jabra Sound+ app, you’ll hear a sound on each side, with the app able to tell you whether you need to adjust the earphones or use a different ear tip to achieve a better fit.

It’s a little reminiscent of what the Apple AirPods Pro do with regards to trying to secure a better fit, with the concept focused entirely on delivering a better seal, which in turn helps with noise cancellation and sound rendition for the Elite 85t earphones.

You can also rename the earphones, too, making them more yours than just with your own fit, but with your name, too.

With the fit test and the hearing test, Jabra is essentially building two ways to make its earphones work for you a little better, provided you go through the motions to make it happen.

They’re both available now in the Sound+ app for the Elite 85t wireless earphones, though you may need to update the earphones to make these work in the first place.

Jabra Sound+ fit test

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