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Jabra brings bone conduction to ANC Elite 7 earphones

Wireless noise cancelling earphones are getting a little more impressive, as bone conduction joins ANC in the Elite 7.

It’s not just a pair of inexpensive truly wireless in-ears being shown off this week, as September reveals some advances in tech beyond a better entry level price point.While Jabra used the first of September to announce that it had $119 earphones for folks not looking to spend much, that’s not all it had ready and waiting. There’s also something made for folks keen on spending a little more, as well.

Two models, specifically, as Jabra takes the Elite 75t and Elite 75t active off shelves, replacing it with the Elite 7 Pro and the Elite 7 Active, variants that bundle in a new design similar to what we’re seeing in the $119 Elite 3, but a whole heap more technology.

First up, there’s what’s in the Elite 7 Pro, Jabra’s latest and greatest, even though it will reportedly exist side by side with last year’s example of that, the Elite 85t.

In this year’s take, Jabra is including something it calls “MultiSensor Voice”, which appears to be a combination of technologies working together to deliver better voice when you talk.

Essentially, it’s a combination of a bone conduction sensor, algorithms, and four microphones working together with a voice pick-up sensor to deliver improved sound when you talk. Jabra describes the technology as working by picking up on wind noise from the microphones, and then triggering the pick-up sensor to work with the bone conduction technology to analyse vibrations made as you talk.

If the jargon is a little too much, it means Jabra’s Elite 7 Pro will essentially use a combination of the vibrations of your jawbone as you talk, the words you speak, and some algorithms to improve the things you communicate through the microphone. That’ll work with an adjustable grade of active noise cancellation, allowing you to cancel out the world a little clearly.

They’re also built to be smaller than Jabra’s other earphones, sporting a design that’s 16 percent smaller than the Elite 75t, while also featuring water resistance and nine hours of noise cancelling battery life, as well as 35 hours all up in the case.

Available for $299 next week, the Elite 7 Pro isn’t the only model Jabra is showing off.

There’s also an “Active” model for $20 less that will go without the MultiSensor Voice technology — no bone conduction here! — but still come with active noise cancellation in a small size, as well as something to hold onto your ears ore clearly.

Looking similar but built for more active individuals, the Elite 7 Active focuses less on voice and more on staying put, with a special coating made from liquid silicone rubber called “ShakeGrip” designed to hold onto your ears and not fall out.

“The world has never been noisier, and we are more connected than ever before. This requires innovative technology to deliver the best voice, calls and music experience,” said Rishi Chawla, Head of Retail and Online Sales in Australia and New Zealand for Jabra.

“At Jabra, we take our many years of experience to push the boundaries of technology, with the launch of our Elite 7 Pro, Elite 7 Active and Elite 3 earbuds as a result,” he said.

Jabra’s Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active will hit retail and online in October, priced at $299 and $279 respectively.

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