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GoPro offers owners unlocked experimental features

If you call yourself a GoPro pro, there are new features you might want to unlock all of a sudden.

It hasn’t been that long since we saw a new GoPro, given the Hero 9 arrived near the middle of last year, so it’s not thoroughly surprising that GoPro doesn’t have new hardware to show at the all-online CES this year.

However that doesn’t mean GoPro is sitting still and doing nothing. Rather, it has a bit of a surprise for owners of the flagship camera models for the past few years: new features.

Think of it as a fun little bonus for owners of the Hero 7 Black, Hero 8 Black, Hero 9 Black, and GoPro Max, with a new spot of firmware opening up some advanced features, including improvements to motion detection, triggers from motion detection, timed exposure lock and shutter speed changes, and even the ability to start up when power is detected over USB.

Combine a couple of those and the GoPro starts to serve other needs. For instance, with motion detection, power over USB, and motion being used as a trigger, a GoPro could be used as a dash cam, being powered by USB and triggered when a bump is detected.

There’s even a feature to take advantage of QR codes, with a specific code being used to start streaming over WiFi when you hold that GoPro in front of a specific code.

GoPro owners of Black flagship models from the past few years can find them at the GoPro Labs page now, as well as the most recent firmware for each camera, too.

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