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Telstra tempts 5G data loads with a 180GB deal

One of the worries about 5G is that you’ll churn through data, though a recent plan push by Telstra hopes to alleviate those concerns.

With increased speed comes increased data responsibility. That may as well be a semi-superhero logic associated with mobile data, because when you get those faster speeds telcos say 5G can offer, you might start to churn through data a little faster.

That’s the idea, though the practical results from testing 5G phones isn’t quite as speed intensive as we’ve found, however it’s a fair concern for many customers to have. Data overage is almost always a concern, and has largely been stemmed in recent years by the so-called “unlimited” plans telcos started offering in 2018 whereby once you went over the amount your plan offered at full speed, your speed was capped at ADSL-like speeds for an unlimited amount.

While those are hardly 5G friendly speeds, it does get someone around the idea that they’ll be charged for excess data, which back in the day could see costs adding up.

Right now, most (if not all) telcos have joined in on the “capped speed/unlimited data” push the majors all do, so it’s fairly understandable if folks considering a 5G iPhone from the recent Apple launch of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max are a little concerned about not getting the best data download speeds possible from their new upcoming 5G device entirely, rather than for the first part of the month until the data in their plan rolls out.

To achieve the best speeds overall, you’d need to have what is basically an almost endless supply of data, or the largest quantity there is, but that can get seriously expensive. On Telstra, it has been $115 per month for the XL plan, offering 180GB of data and 5G access.

But for the next year, there’s an option to get that at a little less exy of a price.

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This week, Telstra has chimed in with a bit of a deal for folks considering 5G on its network, offering access to its biggest plan with a discount of $50 per month, essentially making it a $65 monthly plan offering 180GB of data every month and 5G access, provided you join the plan for 12 months.

Essentially, folks who sign up to the Telstra XL plan for 12 months from October 16 until November 16 will be able to buy into the XL plan’s 180GB for the same price that the Telstra M plan (Medium plan) offers, which itself is an 80GB plan for $65 month to month.

The difference between the two for the next 12 months will be the data amount and being locked in: if you sign up to Telstra’s $65 180GB plan for 12 months, you’re locked into that plan for 12 months, while if you stay on the current $65 80GB plan, you’re free to drop back to the smaller 4G-only Telstra $55 plan whenever you want.

“We’re giving customers more data for less with this offer and it’s perfectly timed as new 5G devices hit the market so people can try Telstra 5G for themselves and see why it’s Australia’s best 5G,” said Michael Auckland, Group Executive for Consumer and Small Business at Telstra.

“With Telstra 5G now available in more than 60 cities and towns, along with more 5G devices hitting the market, this offer is perfectly timed,” he said.

“Telstra is giving customers a big discount on big data allowances for the next 12 months so people can try Telstra 5G for themselves.”

Telstra’s $65 180GB XL plan push is a 12 month only thing, however, and means after the 12 months is over, the plan price will very likely change, though you can move to whichever plan you want at that case, even back to whichever plan offers less data for the same price.

We’re checking with Telstra to find out whether its 180GB can be shared with members of your family, such as with family sharing plans or fleet plans, as $65 monthly for 180GB could end up being a really solid way of sharing a huge amount of data for not much money.

As it is, for folks currently on the Telstra L (Large) plan at 120GB for $85 and on the current XL with 180GB for $115, it seems like a smart move, provided you’re good with staying with the company. You don’t even need a 5G phone if you wanted the plan, though it’s pretty clear new owners of 5G phones are definitely the target here.

You’ll find it online through the Telstra website, in stores, and through the Telstra app from now until the middle of the next month, just in time for the release of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro next week, and in time for the 12 Mini and 12 Pro Max in November, though it will certainly work with other phones, as well.

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