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Spotify increases library to unlimited for all your music love

There are no limits to your music library now. Except with your playlists and downloads, where there are still limits.

As much as we love our online music library, there’s typically a catch when it comes to adding albums and tracks, with limitations to the number in your library.

Online music services typically cap it at a rather large number so as not to make it something you can run out of easily, but if you have a love for more thousands upon thousands of pieces of music and records, well, you might have come across the music cap before.

In YouTube Music, that number has been 100,000, while Spotify has previously limited to 10K, a lower number that still takes effort to reach, but can be hit depending on how much music you like and listen to.

Listen to music like it’s your life, and you can hit that number after spending quite a bit of time with Spotify. When you did, if you wanted to add other tracks or albums, you had to remove songs from your library to deal with the overflow.

But that appears to be a thing of the past, as Spotify has announced an unlimited library on its community boards.

It’s going to be a bit of a gradual roll out, but it’s a request that has seen over 12,000 votes on Spotify’s community ideas board over the past six years or so. However it does mean that within the next few weeks, all Spotify users should be able to add as much music as they want to their collection without needing to be reminded of their epic collection, and to make some space for new songs.

There is a catch, however: while you can add and love as many songs as you want, Spotify will only let you add up to 10,000 songs to a playlist, and only download up to 10,000 songs across five devices. It means if you have a Spotify library with 100,000 songs, you’ll still only be able to download a tenth of that at any one time, deleting tracks when you want more.

And if you’re still getting the error from trying to add more songs to your library, wait a week or two, as the feature change is rolling out now across Spotify’s users.

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