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Realme’s latest earphones are pint-sized, made for budgets

There’s yet another pair of truly wireless earphones out in the world, and this time, they’re focused on a budget of below $100.

It’s not difficult to find wireless earphones, be it connected with a cable between the two earpieces, or the type like the Apple AirPods that are disconnected and “truly free”, so to speak. You can find both types at various price points, but typically when the price points go under the hundred dollar mark, you get what you pay for, and it’s an area not every brand will dabble in.

Realme is giving that a go, though, adding another option in its foray into wireless earphones, launching the “Buds Q”, a different take on its truly wireless earphones from the “Buds Air” we checked out earlier in the year, releasing a model that removes the AirPod-like stalk and makes it more like little buds for the ear.

The Buds Q are a little different than the earbud style of the Buds Air, opting for an in-earphone variety with one microphone instead of the Air’s two and no wireless charging case, though they both share a gaming mode for low-latency in mobile games. Overall, the Realme Buds seems to focus on truly wireless sound at a price, which could be the most compelling part of the package.

At $79, Realme is definitely going to a very specific audience with budget-focused wireless earphones, opting for inexpensive, as well as lightweight. Designed by Jose Levy, an artist that has worked for Hermes, among others, Realme’s Buds Q aim to be small and very light, with each earphone weighing 3.6 grams, something you might describe as impossibly feather light.

Realme’s inexpensive earphones aren’t the first pair of sub-$100 truly wireless earphones we’ve seen, with Trndlabs’ take on the tech appearing in the Nova a good three years ago for a similar price. However finding inexpensive truly wireless earphones from local name brands is far less common.

“At Realme, we aim to be known globally as the brand that delivers the best pound-for-pound tech products on the market,” said Andy Yang, Managing Director of Realme in Australia.

“Our latest partnership with renowned Art Director Jose Levy ensures that we continue to provide our customers with products that combine trendy design with cutting-edge technology,” he said.

Locally, the Realme Buds Q will be found at select retailers for $79, though mostly online, particularly from Amazon, eBay, Catch, Mobileciti, and Realme’s own online store.

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