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Pub night

Pub quiz returns with Alexa (without the pint)

Pubs are beginning to open up, but we bet the pub quiz at your local mightn’t be quite as popular post COVID. If you want to keep it going, though, you can stay home.

If you’re someone who rates your trivia knowledge as anything but trivial, you might be the sort that lives for the pub quiz. A big deal for many locals, the Australian Pub Quiz Night is the sort of place you can expect to find hard questions, a couple of bevies, good conversation, and possibly a tray of meat waiting for the winner at the end.

Pub quiz nights are typically lots of fun, but in the time of coronavirus, they’ve largely taken a bit of a backseat. That may change, though for some of us, possibly not.

You can still gather round for chat using video conferencing even if you’re at home, but what if you miss the feel of a good pub trivia night?

Alexa to the rescue, it seems, as Amazon gives its smart assistant another feature, this time about trivia of sorts.

There are three trivia options for you to choose from, with an easy quiz, a hard quiz, or a multiple choice pub quiz, adding to the assortment of things an Alexa-enabled smart speaker can do.

You’ll have to bring your own drink, though, and possibly your own meat tray, as there’s no prizes, with Alexa trivia really just being for fun. But the good news is that if you buy a meat tray yourself, you’re already kind of the winner.

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