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LG rolls out free installation on big TVs In 2020

Depending on the size of the TV you buy and who makes it, you could just be laughing all the way to free installation and setup.

Ask a reviewer: the bigger the TV, the more difficult it is to set up.

Screens measuring 55 to 65 inches are quite workable and may require a helping hand, but things are very different when you hit 70 inches and higher.

Wider displays are typically larger and heavier, and while it is possible for someone to set up a big TV by themselves, an extra pair of hands will help. Meanwhile, mounting any large TV is almost always a two person job, and it’s even better if there’s a professional comfortable and familiar with the process.

After all, you’d hate to accidentally drop and break the TV while you’re setting it up, leaving you with a potentially very expensive hole in your pocket after a hole suddenly firms in the perfect shiny new display.

You can, of course, set up any TV the way you want, and you can, of course, hire someone to do it for you. That can get expensive, though it can also be free depending on how much you spend.

With LG’s latest TVs, free installation is becoming a part of the process, provided you’re purchasing a 75 inch or higher TV.

It’s something LG is applying to its 2020 TVs of the Nanocell (Quantum Dot LED backlit) and OLED variety, provided they’re big. Specifically, on LG’s Nanocell 4K Nano91 in 75 and 86 inches, and 8K Nanocell Nano95 and Nano99 75 inch TVs. Over on the OLED side, the 77 inch CX and GX 4K OLED screens plus the 8K OLED 77 inch and 88 inch ZX TVs get the free setup and installation, though some models may require you to purchase a wall mount.

Models such as the LG GX — LG’s “gallery” model of OLED — come with the wall mount, while the other models don’t, so if you want to wall mount with the free setup and install, you’ll need to buy the mount separately to let the LG team do its thing, something the company calls the “Premium Service”.

“Our LG Premium Service is just another way we are setting our customers up for success so they can sit back, relax and enjoy sharing the viewing experience with their loved ones,” said Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG in Australia.

LG’s Premium Service setup and installation offer is in effect now, though the company hasn’t said when it will extend to.

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