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Bang & Olufsen’s classic gear goes gold… literally

Bang & Olufsen’s classic gear goes gold… literally B&O’s classic headphones and speakers are making an appearance for folks who love gold.

When it comes to gadgets, there are some pretty consistent design choices, with colours coming in beige and white for the lighter tones, while black, grey, and blue are typical in darker colours.

But in recent years, device makers have been embracing metallic colours that stand out, offering golds and silvers and bronze and such. Apple does it, Beats does it, and now this month, the Danish design team at Bang & Olufsen looks to be doing it as well, releasing yet another batch of options for its devices, though focusing on some of its most popular models in the line-up.

It’s a range that includes some favourites from the brand, with the new version of the Beosound A1 portable speaker, the latest take on the Beoplay E8 wireless in-earphones, a more gold look on the noise cancelling Beoplay H95 headphones, and the large dish-like speaker in the Beoplay A9, with Bang opting to include gold aluminium finishes, alongside wooden finishes.

In the Beosound Balance, the Golden Collection take on this speaker opts for marble and gold, a look we’ve not seen on a speaker before.

“We love that our customers build emotional connections to Bang & Olufsen products, much like they do with a well-loved piece of furniture. Those connections become lasting memories,” said Gavin Ivester, Vice President of Design at Bang & Olufsen.

“So not only does the Golden Collection celebrate our commitment to craftsmanship and longevity in design, it also celebrates our 95-year history of crafting memories together with our customers,” he said.

Of course, it’s a range that carries some pretty serious price tags, not out of kilter or off-brand for B&O, but still notable as it is.

While most of the models in the collection seem to retain the same sort of pricing, with the Beoplay E8 fetching $499 and the H9 for $1399, the marble-encased Bang & Olufsen Balance will cost a little more than you might expect, hitting $4100 locally. They’re coming in December at select retailers across the country.

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