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Apple’s #shotoniPhone winners picked, but no Aussies win

A bit of a sad face for Australian photographers who love their iPhone, with no one local winning the Apple Shot On iPhone competition this year.

Earlier in the year (a statement which still seems too early to say), Apple launched a little competition to get people snapping away on their iPhone. Only for iPhone owners and users, it was a contest to get people showing the world what an iPhone camera could do, with the winning entries shown on Apple’s billboards and the winners given a licensing fee for their win.

And while it closed only a few weeks ago, Apple also has the winners.

Robert Glaser (Germany), shot on the iPhone 7

Hailing from countries such as Israel, Singapore, Germany, Belarus, and the US, ten winners have been picked, offering mostly colour with two monochromatic views from an iPhone.

Sadly, no Australians were included in this year’s winners list, though proving that anyone can enter, the winning images were captured on both the recent iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models, as well as the older iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 phones.

The results this year include many a landscape seen in picturesque circumstances, as well as some patterns that emphasise colour and shade, and are worth a look, not just because they’re pretty, but they could give you an idea of what to photograph and enter for next year’s Shot on iPhone challenge, which will inevitably roll on up around the same next year.

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