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Optus bundles Apple Music with select plans

For the past few years, Telstra subscribers have been able to get their hands on Apple Music plans. Now, Optus has the offer.

Music lovers aren’t strangers to finding ways to listen to their tunes, and depending on the products or services out there, they may find freebies waiting for them.

You can usually find a decent little Spotify deal about the place, and recently Oppo offered YouTube Music subscriptions to new customers, too.

This week, it’s Optus getting the music deal, as the telco bundles in up to 12 months of Apple Music subscriptions free with select Optus plans.

It’s a freebie that will come to new and re-contracting Optus subscribers,With either six or 12 months available depending on the plan you apply for.

“We are excited to offer Apple Music to Optus customers and help more Australians connect and share the joys of streaming music on our amazing network,” said Clive Dickens, Vice President for TV, Content, and Product Development at Optus.

“With this new exclusive offer, we are aiming to introduce more Australians to the ease and convenience of finding a classic favourite or discovering brand new songs and artists with Apple Music, whether in the car, at home or at work,” he said.

There is, however, a catch: while Optus will provide a free year or half year of service, the data won’t be unmetered.

According to the terms on the Optus website, “data charges apply” suggesting the streaming data for Apple Music will be taken out of your regular download count.

That’s distinct to how Telstra geared its Apple Music access, which still provides unmetered Apple Music streaming even though the company no longer provides Apple Music subscriptions as part of its plans.

As for whether Optus will go unmetered for its Apple Music subscriptions, that remains to be seen, though we have asked the company for comment, and will update this story as and when we find out.

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