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Intel's 10th generation Core processors

Intel’s “Comet Lake” to improve performance for laptops

There’s a new breed of computer chip on the way, as Intel updates its processing technology to deliver improved performance for on the go.

Intel only recently updated its chips, but it has a few new variations on the way, as the company finds yet more ways to squeeze more processing power out of modern day laptops.

From this week, there are eight more Intel 10th generation Core processors, with the new chips built solely for on the laptops and tablets. Part of a new breed, the chips are still classified as 10th gen, but are part of what Intel codenamed “Comet Lake”, with these chips built for laptop performance capable of providing up to six cores depending on the chip in question and improved memory speeds.

Like the other Intel 10th generation chips, the new models will support Thunderbolt 3 ports, 802.11ax WiFi (also known as WiFi 6), and a dynamic tuning technology to allow a form of artificial intelligence to predict the workloads of a computer and boost responsiveness as and when it’s needed.

While the range of processors jumps between two and four cores at the best of times through the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7, one variant of the Core i7 runs on six cores, making it more capable and potentially bringing workstation class tech to go.

Intel’s Comet Lake chips also go hand-in-hand with another Intel project, specifically that of Project Athena, a laptop program not unlike the original Ultrabook concept that provides manufacturers with a bit of a blueprint to building computers that can last all day. In this concept, all-day means a good 16 hours of battery life, and possibly even more, enough to warrant a different sticker with the words “engineered for mobile performance”.

You’ll find these new chips along in some designs shortly, with most expected to hit stores shelves in time for the holidays.

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