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Huawei foldable phone teaser for MWC 2019

Huawei teases with a foldable phone for MWC

It’s the year of the foldable phone, and this year, it won’t just be Samsung talking up something foldable, as Huawei teases a bendy phone, as well.

Mobile World Congress is only a few weeks away, but already we’re getting a good tease as to the sorts of things that will be there.

It won’t be the place for every smartphone maker to announce their wares, and while we expect quite a few devices to show up, Samsung will miss the show, announcing its products before the mobile-themed conference in Spain really begins.

In fact, Samsung is expected to announced a foldable phone at its own show, and it won’t be the only one this year.

Huawei has used Twitter to tease what it will have coming at Mobile World Congress only days later, and all signs point to a foldable phone.

The image there seems to suggest a foldable phone given the angle it sits at (unless Huawei is making a triangular phone, and given Huawei is looking at 5G this year (and has said it’s working on a 5G foldable phone), it’s also a possibility we’ll see that at the launch.

As sure as a Huawei foldable phone looks, we doubt this will be either the P30 Pro or Mate 30 Pro this year is expected to deliver.

In fact, you can expect similar form-factors to the older models with new features for those products, as foldable will likely end up with something else.

February 24 isn’t that far away though, so we won’t have long to wait to find out.

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