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Google Street View Gallipoli

Google takes the trek to Gallipoli

We can’t all be make our way to Gallipoli for Anzac Day, but the importance of this day cannot be overstated, and so Google’s virtual tour provides a glimpse of what it’s like for those who can’t go.

Google Street View can take you to some pretty amazing locations around the world and even one above the world, and many carry some pretty important historical significance.

On Anzac Day, there’s probably none more significant than that of Gallipoli, and it’s one Google’s Street View team has made a virtual tour of, while also documenting more than the place.

Part of Google’s Arts & Culture page, its tour of the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey not only includes Street View glimpses of the memorial site, but includes artwork, postcards, photos, and more from soldiers providing a look at the history of the day, including stories you can explore with Google.

Street View can provide a more direct look at Gallipoli itself, starting with Anzac Cove, before heading to the Anzac Commemorative site, and the Ari Burnu Cemetary where 182 of the 253 buried there are Australian.

You can pay your respect to the Anzacs journeying this path digitally, taking a moment to see their footsteps from your own home, possibly while biting into one of the biscuits we all know and love, and taking a moment for their sacrifice.

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