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Apple’s bands get new seasonal colours

Much like how speakers get stylish for the new seasons, Apple’s watch bands are getting a new splash of colour, too.

Tech doesn’t always get a new coat of paint, but when it comes to seasonal concepts, you can bet some devices do.

We certainly saw that with new speakers from the likes of Bang & Olufsen and Ultimate Ears recently, and while the new season brought new colours for both of those players, they’re not the only ones

Apple has this week chimed in that it too has new colours and material choices, with new sport bands for the Apple Watch, as well as new woven nylon bands, flexible sport loops, and a few more options for the classic buckle design.

While these accessories will be made to work with any of the Apple Watches — original through to the recent Series 3 model — the Nike+ variant will be colour matched to Nike’s new shoes, while the Hermes variant arrives with new Hermes Apple Watch bands, too.

They won’t be for everyone, mind you, but if you need a new dose of colour, you’ll find them in Apple Stores shortly.

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