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Australian technology news, reviews, and guides to help you

CES 2021

A digital-only show, the Consumer Electronics Show in 2021 launches technology across the world designed to inspire and excite.

From computers to TVs to crazy ideas that could change your world, this show went online only during the time of COVID, and as usual, Pickr was covering it.

CES is both physical, digital in 2022

It's not yet known if Australians will be able to leave the country, but CES is back on next year in both physical and digital formats.

Sony adds a new portrait lens with 35mm F1.4

Phone cameras are getting better at portrait style shots, but if you want a real one, you need to turn to a low aperture lens, and Sony has a new one of those.
The WD My Passport SSD plugged into a computer.

WD’s SSDs get a big boost of size

There's not much reason to update solid-state drives, except maybe for more speed or size. Fortunately, WD has focused on the latter this year.

The Wrap – Phones & Headphones at CES 2021

On this episode of The Wrap, we’re looking at phones and headphones, diving into the new Galaxy S21 range, earphones, speakers, and more. It’s a year of sound and media playing goodness in five minutes. Subscribe to The Wrap at Apple Podcasts… Transcript It’s another day of CES, the…