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Pickr 2023 Holiday Gift Guide: New Parents

Buying a present for someone set to bring in a bundle of joy? Consider some ideas that may help them accordingly.

If you know someone planning to bring a bundle of joy into the world in the next few months, working out what to buy for them is typically going to be about that baby.

There are toys, bedding, clothes, and bottles aplenty, but there are also functional things, too. Technology can assist with parents in some truly great ways, whether it helps keep a baby calm, watched, or just being photographed in all the best ways.

BabyHeart Fetal Doppler

Price: $69

Depending on how far along mum is, you might want to grab something that can give her a heads up on something comforting: the sound of her bub’s heart beat.

Fatal dopplers aren’t tremendously new, and they do come with some catches, such as how they mightn’t always pick up on your baby’s heart beat and that doesn’t mean something bad.

However, if you take the technology with a grain of salt, you might find it makes for a handy preview of what’s to come and a solid gift idea for soon-to-be mums.

Nodiee Sleep Assist

Price: $79

White noise is one of those things you may find soothing when you’re trying to sleep, but it’s especially handy for kids, too, giving them a background soundtrack to chill to.

Australia’s Nodiee has a model of white noise generator worth checking out that you can easily attach to a pram, making it a white noise generator for home and out and about.

Given how difficult it can be getting a baby to sleep, this gift idea might just be the best one yet for new parents.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Price: $119

One of the most helpful gadgets we’ve had in our bub’s life has been a smart speaker. Both of our kids have grown up with them, and there’s a good reason why: aside for being able to play music, they can be programmed with routines, meaning they can also make the lives of the parents easier, as well.

In the case of the Echo Dot with Clock, it means we can not only keep a watchful eye on the time when we head in, but also can program specific phrases to trigger features, such as telling the speaker to go to sleep and instantly firing up a combination of white noise and the Dyson heater in the colder months, or even triggering the fan.

You might look at a smart speaker and just think “music”, but trust us when we tell you that programming routines can make life easier for parents, too.

Cubo AI Plus

Price: $499

A good baby monitor is a must have for any parent, and that makes for a great gift for soon-to-be mums and dads.

This year, we reviewed the Cubo AI Plus, a handy baby monitor that ventures beyond the basics for keeping a watchful eye on the bub, complete with a way to turn your phone into a background monitor even while it’s on standby, as well as some really clever industrial design.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Price: from $1849

It might seem surprising to find a new phone in a list of gadgets for new parents, but we have ample reason why: they’ll be taking so many pictures of the new member of their family, they’ll definitely want something that does their kids justice.

This year’s iPhone 15 range is definitely a winner capable of doing just that, and any of the four models will make sense for that task.

However, the Pro and Pro Max models are definitely the best of the best, with support for macro and a little more zoom, giving you that little bit more oomph in just about every department. The 15 Pro Max is clearly the best of the bunch, but if the parents prefer a normal sized phone, we’d be checking out the 15 Pro, and taking plenty of photos with it.

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