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A concept and technology for audio, high-resolution audio includes sound formats that allow more of the sound to be included in what you listen to.

Also shortened to be “high-res audio” and “hi-res audio”, high-resolution audio typically focuses on files with less compression and a higher bit-rate, potentially expanding on the 16-bit CD-quality streams you may be used to, and bringing in the 24-bit 96kHz vinyl-like files, or even higher. With high-res, the greater the number, the more quality should technically be found within, because while a 24-bit 96kHz file is fantastic, a 24-bit 192kHz file is often even better.

Finding high-resolution files does tend to be a little more difficult with a different cost, not just to your wallet, but also to file sizes. As such, a 50 minute album in high-res audio may cost you a little more to buy, can’t typically be found in most streaming platforms, and while it might be as much as 100MB in MP3, could be at least ten times the size and well over a gigabyte in lossless hi-res audio.