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Does phone size matter?

Phone sizes have changed dramatically over the years, but does it really matter what size smartphone you buy? Yes and no.

Smartphones have changed a lot over the years, and size is one of the biggest changes. While phones used to be small and sat around the 3.5 inch screen size, you can now find phones as big as just under 7 inches.

Does this matter?

Technically no, because it all comes down to preference. Do you want a bigger screen, and will that make you smartphone experience easier? You may find a bigger phone is a better option for you.

Or do you prefer a phone that fits in the hand? You might want to consider a smaller phone.

On the whole, phone size doesn’t matter, but it can affect a few things like battery and available features, so consider a larger phone if you’re after extended battery life or a more tablet-like experience.

Larger smartphones tend to arrive with larger batteries, meaning more battery life is potentially possible, and larger phones have also eaten into the tablet market share, giving people the best of both worlds in one device.

Not every big phone means a bigger battery, so as always, check the reviews before you purchase. Reviewers will highlight where the battery life has been good, and while a bigger phone can mean a bigger battery, it can also mean a more impressive screen, which understandably eats into the battery life of big phones.

Ultimately, be sure to pick a phone that matches your needs, and that fits comfortably in your hand and whichever pocket you plan to use. Remember that while big phones can be better, if you’re not comfortable holding or using it, a smaller phone may be a better choice in the end.

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