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Shazam adds gig details to its music ID system

The next song you run a Shazam on could just tell you where it’ll be played live, as Apple makes Shazam play with concert listings.

If you can’t work out what that song you’re hearing is, there’s a good chance Shazam can, and as live music begins to return from the land of listening-at-home brought on by the pandemic, it soon might just tell you where you can hear it live.

While it can’t identify everything — random jazz and blues and classical performances, we’re looking at you — if you hear a song you don’t know, these days most people know they merely need to load up the “Shazam” app and run a search for a music ID to find the track, something iPhones can do from inside the power control menu on their devices without the app.

But while identifying a song is the main point of a Shazam, from this week, the service will do something else, notifying you of whether the artist in question is playing nearby soon enough.

An addition to the 20 year old app, the feature is called “Concert Discovery”, and does pretty much what the feature suggests, noting whether the artist you’re making a music ID on is playing soon and nearby. To do this, the service will take information from the website Bandsintown, which covers gigs and performances from around the world, linking this up to the artists that people end up Shazaming.

The good news is it won’t be just for iOS only, with the concert support rolling out to Android users, as well, found in Shazam from this week.

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