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Sonos bolsters home speakers with 8-inch Sonance in-ceiling

Embedding a Sonos directly into your home isn’t the same as merely setting up the speakers around your home, and there’s a slightly bigger option to prove it.

House-wide music is possible with a variety of speakers, and dabbling in the idea is easy enough thanks to just how common multi-room is. Sonos practically pioneered the tech, but plenty of other brands have decided to jump in, so experimenting with the idea of sound spread to multiple rooms is now possible from a variety of players.

However, if you’re already there and have decided you want multi-room tech built into the home as opposed to merely placed in it, your options can be a little slimmer in general.

Multi-room speakers don’t always conform to the shape of a ceiling or even a room, and so going out of your way to implement technology that matches modern wireless sound isn’t always as easy as simply buying a speaker from your local electronics store and getting it sorted.

Fortunately, if you’re into the world of Sonos multi-room, there are options, and there’s another if you happen to have the room for big speakers in the ceiling.

This week, the company has announced another of the in-ceiling speakers built by Sonance that work with Sonos, arriving in an 8 inch speaker with a custom woofer, a model that’s bigger than the 6 inch model previously made available.

Sonos notes that the 8 inch Sonance in-ceiling speaker supports TruePlay, handy if you happen to have a few speakers in a room and want to configure them the way you can any other Sonos speaker, including the Era 300 or Beam Gen 2, though it does need an amp.

While Sonos speakers are typically wireless, the Sonance in-ceiling speakers need the Sonos Amp to complete the Sonos connection, meaning you’ll need one of those in your home, as well. Several can connect to one, but the speakers are designed to get the most out of a Sonos only when the Sonos Amp is plugged in, it seems. These aren’t just in-ceiling versions of another Sonos speaker.

They’re not priced like any other individual Sonos speaker, either, fetching $1599 in Australia for a pair of speakers when they launch in the next few months, with the option to get more if you have rooms to support them.

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