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Sennheiser offers more in-ear ANC in Accentum True Wireless

Sennheiser’s mid-range Accentum noise cancelling headphones make the jump into truly wireless with a pair of $350 earphones.

There’s no shortage of in-ear noise cancellation offerings, but they can sure get expensive, especially when you’re talking about a company’s best options. However, if you still want something solid, just not the best in class, there may be some choices.

Most earphones makers have a flagship model, and they’ll almost always have a second-tier model designed to offer great features often trickled down from the high end, but at a price that feels more like a deal.

That’s partly what the Accentum range is for Sennheiser, differing from the high-end of the Momentum by offering something near, just not quite as premium. There are a couple of headphone options, and now there’s an in-ear pair arriving, as well.

The Accentum True Wireless are the first generation of this model, providing a 7mm Sennheiser driver thrown into an earbud design built in close collaboration with hearing-aid maker Sonova, which also conveniently owns Sennheiser.

Business aside, that should mean the Accentum True Wireless may conform to ears better than other offerings, largely because hearing aids need to match the contours of ears to be comfortable for long periods of time. Sennheiser is also providing four tips for the earbuds, which may help with that, too.

They’ll also use a combination of microphones and algorithms to cancel out the world, offering both active noise cancellation and a transparency hear-through mode, though the Sennheiser app will cater to customisations for the sound, including equaliser access, something we’ve seen on prior Momentum earphones as well as on app-supported soundbars by the company.

You’ll also find touch controls on the Accentum TWS, with as much as 8 hours of listening per charge and a little over three more charges in the Qi-capable case, resulting in a total of 28 hours.

The main deal with the Accentum True Wireless could be the price, fetching a good $150 less than the flagship model, the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4. You mightn’t see as good a sound profile on the Accentum, but we’ll wait until we go ears on to judge them.

Set at $349.95 in Australia, Sennheiser’s Accentum TWS might just be the not-quite-flagship worth waiting and upgrading for. We’ll find out soon enough.

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