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Samsung’s next wearable is the Galaxy Ring

Never mind the Galaxy Watch, the next wearable you might use to track your health could skip the wrist entirely and go straight for your finger.

Not everyone wants to strap a watch to their arm to track their health, which is why there are other gadgets out there. Whoop has you strap a health tracker without a screen, while there are also earphones that can monitor your heart rate, too.

There’s even a special pad from Withings you can throw under your mattress to track your sleeping, monitoring the air you expel from your lungs to help work out whether you have sleep apnoea or not, while the same company offers health tracking through its sensor-packed scales.

It seems as though there are plenty of ways to monitor your health, and a wrist watch isn’t the only one.

But there could be one more on the way, and it might be easier to wear than a smartwatch. In fact, if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t want a smartwatch in your life, Samsung’s latest accessory could be the exact addition to your life you may want in it.

It’s a ring.

More specifically, it’s a smart ring, as Samsung looks set to join Oura with a ring that can track your vitals.

When the Galaxy Ring is released later in the year, it will reportedly track your health from the finger you wear it on, skipping on the screen and instead relaying your health stats to your phone, which is the bigger screen to check them on in the first lace.

While Samsung hasn’t quire detailed what we can expect the Galaxy Ring to track, it will apparently cover a feature new to Samsung Health called “My Vitality Score”, which will combine data and analysis, likely with AI given all the emphasis on it at the moment, all to provide a greater understanding of the owner’s wellness and fitness, joining another feature “Booster Card”, which Samsung has yet to explain.

No word on pricing on release date for the Samsung Galaxy Ring, but if we had to guess, August or September this year seems likely, possibly alongside a Galaxy Watch 7 and new set of foldables from Samsung.

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