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Prime Video sees a cost of living adjustment as Amazon adds ads

Yet another streaming service is rising in price, as Amazon asks you for more money unless you want to sit through a few ads.

It’s not as if the cost of living crisis isn’t frustrating enough, but streaming services are really working to make life fun for people who want to save money.

Disney+ increased costs, and recently Netflix made its streaming video services more costly, too. So what’s next? Amazon Prime will increase the cost from July 2, kinda-sorta.

The news has been delivered to Prime customers in Australia, with Amazon Prime technically staying the same price, but throwing ads into the mix for your streaming enjoyment. Long live the old days of TV ads, it seems.

If you prefer an ad-free streaming video enjoyment — you know, the way it has previously been — Amazon will charge an additional $2.99 per month in Australia, though some events such as sport will continue to have ads all the same.

It’s yet another reminder that streaming isn’t quite as friendly as it once was, and as we all become dependent on the category, streaming services can keep on upping the price, much to the chagrin of customers.

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