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Pet AI concept sees home scans sent to vets

Technology could help you get information about your pets to your vet without stepping foot outside home.

The furry and feathered ones we often call family members (and often behave better than human ones) don’t typically find technology solutions made to support them in quite the same way we do, but that could change.

While you can find pet cameras to keep track of what they’re doing and use tracking technology to help keep tabs on pets, artificial intelligence may end up providing a way to keep dogs, cats, and any other animal in good health, thanks in part to a concept being shown at CES 2024 from South Korea.

Called “TTCare”, it’s a health concept that continues our expected trend of AI dominating the year, and provides an app that allows pet owners to check various symptoms and signs on their pet, and have that service connect to a veterinarian that can assist them further.

The app itself leverages artificial intelligence for understanding pet symptoms, with pet owners able to check eyes, skin, tooth, and joint issues using the app, with AI providing analysis and outcome. Think of it as telehealth for pets, provided your vet is connected and supports it.

The app and service has been a CES 2022 and 2023 Innovation Award Honoree in the past and provides its service in seven clinics in the US, but its technology might be a long while off for use in Australia. However, it’s a sign of what could be coming to a vet near you, and may end up assisting pet owners in the years to come.

TTCare’s “AI for pets” concept being shown at CES 2024.
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