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Oppo Pad Neo offers a mid-range tab for Android fans

There aren’t a lot of tablets with Android onboard, with the iPad dominating what’s out there. But Oppo has a new model, and it’s under $500, too.

When it comes to picking a tablet, there’s a good chance you’ll find your way to an iPad. It’s not necessarily because it’s the best — they’re all pretty great — but more that there are more iPad models out, and they are consistently strong.

But not everyone wants an iPad. Some folks like Android, and that is totally fine, too.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole heap of new Android tablets that get released in Australia. Samsung offers several in its Tab range, including its massive and high-end Tab S9 Ultra, but at $1999 it is not an inexpensive tablet by a long shot. It’s more of an iPad Pro competitor, giving laptops something to push back against.

Less expensive tablets in the Android world tend to be so low-end, they’re not typically great, while mid-range models aren’t always found. Oppo is adding one this week, though, bringing another choice to Android tablets for a sub-$500 price.

It’s called the Oppo Pad Neo, and it continues what we’ve seen from prior releases in the Oppo Pad range, offering an 11.4 inch tablet with a slightly wider 7:5 aspect ratio for 11.4 inch 2.4K screen. Specifically, that’s better than Full HD on the display running at 2408×1720 and offering 260 pixels per inch of clarity in a tablet with a relatively slick 90Hz refresh rate.

The device itself runs a MediaTek Hello G99 chip and supports WiFi and Bluetooth like pretty much every other tablet, arriving with 6GB RAM, 128GB storage, Android 14, four speakers and support for Dolby Atmos, plus an 8 megapixel camera on the front and the back.

All up, it seems pretty much made for the mid-range, except for the screen, which is a little bigger and higher res than Android tablets typically find in the mid-range.

The price for the Oppo Pad Neo is firmly in the mid-range, too, arriving in Australia for $449 with a battery expected to last up to a day.

This release may not make it to stores, however, with Oppo’s online shop in Australia the only place you can find it and available now.

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