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Samsung adds 11 inch screen to mid-range A9+ tablet

Not sure if a big tablet is possible on a small budget? The latest from Samsung gets the price under $500 for something fairly sizeable.

Somewhere between a higher cost of living and everything else that’s happening, spending money on technology could be taking a hit. After all, everything is seemingly more expensive, and when that happens, you may suddenly have less to spend.

It’s one of the reasons why we’re seeing less expensive gadgets and upgrades pop up all over the place, whether it’s economical earphones, thrift phones, or even slightly tighter tablet costs.

In fact, that last one is seeing an addition in Australia, even though other tablets may not be quite as wallet-friendly.

The most recent tablet from Samsung we reviewed was certainly not built that way, with the 14.6 inch Tab S9 Ultra one of the priciest tablets around, delivering a lot of specifications in a massive display making for what was basically a laptop sans-keyboard for laptop pricing.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A9+ is not that tablet, and instead will start at $379 in Australia, well under the rough $500 mark where most tablets seem to start.

Sized at 11 inches, it’s another of Samsung’s Galaxy “A” series devices that normally sits in the mid-range and focuses more on budget buyers, as the A-series typically does with phones, as well.

You won’t find an OLED screen here, with LCD taking the place on this 11 inch display, but with pricing being its dominant reason for existing, that may not worry you.

In fact, the specs are very much focused on keeping the price down, with the 64GB model seeing 4GB RAM and that $379 price, while the 128GB will get double the memory at 8GB and cost $100 more ($479) for WiFi only. An addition of 5G will bring the cost up by $150 for each one, pushing it over $500 in each case, but being relatively low for 5G options, all the same.

And a low price is largely the point, keeping the Android 13 tablet fairly wallet-friendly, while still offering features such as Dolby Atmos sound four speakers, split screen support via Samsung DeX, and easy file sharing for owners of Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra.

November is when Australians can expect to find the tablet, making it one of the last new mobile devices of the year before 2024 rolls on through.

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