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Microsoft Copilot connects Chat GPT with Office apps, your own topics

If you wished AI was available at your fingertips, Microsoft’s latest integration will make your wish come true with the power of Office apps and then some.

Expected tech trends aside, there’s a pretty clear case that AI is going to be everywhere you look this year: the buzzword is in pretty much every product it could be this year.

AI in your phones through the various chip and phone announcements. AI in your computers with the year of the AI PC. AI in software and services and everything aplenty. You may even find AI in your car later this year.

Artificial intelligence is seemingly going to be everywhere, and Microsoft even has a dedicated key coming for it in Windows computers this year, but you still need a purpose for the concept, and a reason to use it.

But good news, because that appears to be coming, as well.

This week, Microsoft announced that it will be integrating its used of OpenAI’s Chat GPT in Copilot with other applications, going beyond its use in Windows.

Specifically, it will come in a new paid version of Copilot called “Copilot Pro”, which will charge a monthly cost to connect Copilot’s AI features to Microsoft’s Office 365 apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, working on PC and Mac, as well as iPad. It’ll also see faster image creation using AI in Microsoft’s Image Creator (which uses OpenAI’s DALL-E) plus support for OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology for improved AI, as well as a way to connect and synchronise AI across multiple devices.

Perhaps more importantly, Microsoft’s Copilot Pro will allow you to make your own customised version of Copilot specific to your topics, something Microsoft is building with an upcoming app called “Copilot GPT Builder”, which sounds a little like the GPTs you can built at OpenAI, but more for everyone else.

In Australia, Copilot Pro will start from $33 per month per user, while the standard version of Copilot will remain free in Windows, and Bing search on PC, Mac, and iPadOS.

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