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LG’s luxe wireless M4 OLED TV cuts cords, rolls out

A new style of premium TV means cutting a few cords and keeping the inside of the living room looking really schmick.

Your TV has a cable for the power, and at least one or two more for other sources. But what if it didn’t? A new TV from LG promises to cut several cords, though it just might cut your bank account up in the process.

Living on the cutting edge of tech is never inexpensive, and the latest screen on the way from LG continues those expectations.

While you probably didn’t clamour to grab one of the rollable OLED TVs in the OLED R, nor have you likely changed how your walls work with Samsung’s Micro LED technology, LG’s OLED Evo M4 might just provide a glimpse of what the future can offer more clearly.

Specifically, the future is offering fewer cables.

If you already rely on wireless charging, you’re living some of that future today, but LG’s next flagship TV pushes that wireless life in a different way.

You’ll still need the power cord — there’s no escaping from that just yet — but cables for other TV sources can be made wireless with the M4, thanks in part to an included gadget called the “Zero Connect Box”. Exactly as the name suggests, LG’s Zero Connect Box is a box you can leave somewhere else in a room, and wirelessly send audio and video to the OLED Evo M4 TV.

The TV itself uses its own wireless connection for audio and video, supporting the latter at up to 144Hz 4K, processed by LG’s Alpha 11 AI processor to handle external sources sent wirelessly.

It will still include LG’s webOS platform, meaning you can use smart TV apps on the screen without needing to lean on that external source box, but if you do have other sources — such as an Apple TV or PlayStation 5 — they won’t need to be connected to the TV directly, and can sit somewhere else. Possibly even behind you.

The concept means decorators can possibly incorporate a TV without needing to worry about extra gadgets, throwing the source devices and even possibly an amplifier or receiver in a cabinet, keeping the design of the living room about the living space, rather than accommodating everything in home theatre furniture.

LG’s OLED Evo M4 screens will be available in 65, 77, 83, and 97 inch screen sizes, through pricing in Australia hasn’t yet been announced. We don’t expect it will be cheap, however, with the 65 inch model likely to cost near $10K locally (based on a HKD price of $44,980 for the 65 inch model overseas).

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