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LG set to offer 480Hz OLED for gamers in 2024

CES is just around the corner, but LG is doing its typical pre-release thing with news about a screen for gamers.

PC gaming depends on high specs on the computer side, but a fast monitor can make all the difference, too, something gamers know because it improves the speed of animations and what’s happening.

You can find that with modern phones, as well, something Apple calls “ProMotion” and uses in the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models on the iPhone 13 Pro and higher (including this year’s 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max), while many Androids sport high-speed screens, too, particularly gaming phones.

The idea being the faster the screen, the slicker the refresh rate and subsequent animations. Bigger numbers are better overall, though you have to marry it with deciding on the resolution you want for pixel clarity, as well as the panel type and screen size.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors that determine which monitor is going to be better than others, but work out a combination of big screen, OLED or IPS, and high refresh rate, and you’ll typically nail it.

And LG’s latest for 2024 may well nail it better than most.

Preannounced for CES, LG has an UltraGear OLED screen that’ll bring with some interesting specs worth talking about, including the ability to run at a staggering 480Hz in Full HD, though can drop back to 240Hz when running at 4K.

The idea is something LG calls “Dual-Hz”, which would be worded as “dual hertz” technology, able to switch between refresh rates based on the resolution needed to play a game.

For instance, if you want to run PC games at 4K and have the specs to support it, you’ll be able to get 240Hz at 3840×2160. But if the resolution drops back to Full HD’s 1920×1080, the refresh rate will double to 480Hz, all with one click.

It’ll come in a 32 inch screen, the LG 32GS95UE, and that won’t be the only feature. The screen will boast an OLED panel, something LG is known for in its TVs, as well as a sound system that hides the speakers behind the OLED panel. Called “Pixel Sound”, the sound will come from behind the panel in a front-facing speaker system, supporting virtual sound via DTS Virtual:X.

The 32 inch 4K Dual Hz screen won’t be the only OLED gaming monitor on the way from LG, with 21:9 ultra-wide displays also on the way in 34 inch, 39 inch, and 44.5 inch sizes, as well, though LG hasn’t yet noted whether these will do the 480Hz trick, even if they do support 240Hz.

There’s also no word on pricing or availability for the range in Australia, but with CES 2024 just around the corner, you can bet the question will come up, and we’ll try to get the answers, too.

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