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Google Gemini AI writing comes to messaging on more Android phones

It’s not just the shiny new and expensive 2024 phones getting AI messaging, as Google rolls out the tech to more devices.

It may well be the year that AI finally hits home, what with more AI PCs and artificial intelligence seemingly going everywhere.

You can’t really go a week without an AI story popping up, but you often need new technology to take advantage. Not necessarily so for all of them, though, as Google looks set to bring some of its AI developments to more phones around the world.

While this year’s Galaxy S24 range offered AI features aplenty, something that has subsequently begun rolling out to Pixel phones, too, other Androids have largely missed out.

That’s beginning to change, though, as Google rolls out support for its Gemini AI system to more devices. A lot more devices.

This week, Google is doing just that, delivering support for Gemini in Google Messages, the default SMS app found on many an Android phone.

Australia is one of the countries seeing the change, alongside New Zealand, the US, and Singapore, with the update requiring a download of the latest Google Messages app from Google Play, plus an Android device with at least 6GB RAM.

That won’t be all Android phones, but it will be many, particularly mobiles in the mid-range and higher for the past few years.

Language support for Google Gemini on Android Messages is limited to English in supported countries, as well as French in Canada, and will work with personal Google accounts, as well. What’s more, the latest version of messaging is needed, RCS, also known as Rich Communication Services.

To play with the feature, Android owners with the updated Messages app will simply need to type in a prompt of sorts to have Gemini help it create a message.

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