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Backbone keeps cases useful with 2nd-gen iPhone, Android game controller

The new generation of Backbone’s phone gaming controller means you don’t have to snap your phone out of your case to play.

Phone protection is important, particularly because phones can be semi-fragile. While they typically include a degree of screen protection built into the glass, that’s not always enough to prevent major damage from a fall or drop.

When a phone drops hard and there’s no case, we all grimace for what will likely be seen next: a crack or two in the screen, a scuff mark here and there, and all signs pointing to phone now in a worse condition.

It’s not like you intended for that to happen, but without a case, it’s a possibility. For some people, it’s practically a certainty.

Problems like this become even more of an issue when you’re forced to take a case off a phone, such as when you plug in a peripheral or accessory. Some are fine with a case, but others less so, and that was certainly the case when we reviewed Backbone’s gaming controllers.

Back when we saw the iPhone Backbone and the equivalent for Android devices, both required a phone case to be removed to plug the gaming peripheral in, but that mightn’t be the issue anymore.

Backbone’s second-gen model for both the Lightning port and the USB-C model have arrived, with the differences including improvements to the design, as well as magnetic adapters built to fit popular phone cases that can be easily added to the Backbone controller.

The 2nd-gen USB-C Backbone controller will work with the iPhone 15 range and its USB-C port, as well as pretty much any Android phone, while the 2nd-gen Lightning-port Backbone controller is made for older iPhones, including models from the iPhone 14 range, iPhone 13 range, and even the compact iPhone SE. Essentially, there’s a Backbone gaming controller for every iPhone currently in market.

In Australia, both 2nd-gen Backbone variations are landing at online stores and physical retailers, priced from $179 locally.

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