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Adobe Express Mobile takes AI-based content creation to go

AI may not be able replace a proper art director or designer, but it can give you a hand, and Adobe’s latest tool moves that idea to mobiles.

Creatives have long relied on the toolset offered by Adobe, but they tend to come with the prerequisite of needing skills, and typically quite a few of them. You can’t just excel at Photoshop without some experience or training, and the same is true with designer tools, such as Illustrator or Indesign.

Lately, however, online tools are beginning to break down doors and make it possible for anyone to give it a good go and have the results not look like garbage.

Canva’s content creation tools practically kickstarted the idea that anyone can be a designer and build imagery quickly and easily, but with the advent of artificial intelligence, the area is progressing in leaps and bounds. We’ve seen tools from Microsoft in this way, and the maker of Photoshop has its own, too.

Adobe’s Photoshop is largely for offline, but the latest update to its image editing tool now employs its “Firefly” AI image generation system, adding it to a mobile creation app to go.

The idea is to let you spin out creative ideas from your phone, throwing in a prompt and creating images and videos from a devices as compact as the one you keep in your pocket. That’s literally the whole point behind the new generation of the Adobe Express mobile app, which can uses generative AI to create images seemingly from nothing in a way not unlike that of Midjourney, but with editing controls.

It’ll create imagery and videos for social, covering Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, with some scheduling thrown in for good measure, but you could also use the mobile Adobe Express app to make larger spots of content, too, such as for ads if need be.

Adobe’s technology uses its Firefly AI tech to make some of those elements appear and should work without a plan, though folks subscribing to Adobe’s Creative Cloud plans may end up having access to more in the tool.

This is distinct to Photoshop on the iPad and other apps like it, with this app more or less a mobile version of the Adobe Express website.

“Adobe Express brings the magic of Firefly generative AI directly into web and mobile content creation experiences,” said Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President for Adobe Express and Digital Media Services at Adobe.

“We’re excited to see a record number of customers turning to Adobe Express to promote their ideas, passions and businesses through digital content and on TikTok, Instagram, X, Facebook and other social platforms,” he said.

Adobe’s mobile Express app is available now for Android and iOS.

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