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Microsoft takes on Canva with AI art suggestions

Need to make an image for social, business, or something else? A Microsoft tool is blending AI art and digital creation to make life a little easier.

The world of image creation is changing, and not just because the tools are getting more accessible. If you’ve been watching the world of artificial intelligence, you might have seen the growth and explosion of AI art recently, where a mere idea can concoct a creation with absolute ease.

Simply entering mere words and deliver several image ideas created by a computer learning from the world, delivering what is essentially Disneyland for your imagination and image creation, provided you have the time to spend on said image creators.

If you don’t, the world can seem a little out of reach, but have no fear, because Microsoft may well be opening that to everyone who needs to make an image for work, for social, and really for anything.

This week, the maker of Windows had something more than its operating system to show, as it launched a graphic design app to help users craft social media posts, graphics, and even things you might print, such as invitations and more, and it’ll do it with the help of artificial intelligence.

Specifically, Microsoft Designer is connecting with Open AI’s DALL-E 2, which only recently opened up its access to all, moving out of a closed beta to one that’s a little more open and accessible, though things may be a little different with Microsoft’s app.

Microsoft notes that you can essentially start from scratch and let AI do the work for you, describing an image you want to see and having DALL-E deliver the result, while Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to make sure it’s aligned, scaled, and sitting well in a design.

Right now, Microsoft Designer is essentially a web preview, with only some of the features set up and more to come. However once available, Microsoft says Designer will be available both as a free app and a premium one, with the latter available to subscribers of Microsoft 365 Personal and Family, and seeing extra features.

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