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Adobe brings creative AI to Adobe Express

Need a bit of help you make a poster, social content, or even an ad? Adobe’s mobile app is getting assistance from its Firefly AI.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably a little tired of the word “AI” this year. It is everywhere. Positively everywhere.

AI in PCs. AI in phones. AI in cars. AI for pets. It’s all too easy to drown in the use of the word “AI” by March 2024, and it was a little like that last year, too. This year, though, as neural technologies arrive on more devices, thanks in part to Intel making AI-ready chips alongside AMD’s own AI ambitions, not to mention the phones getting AI this year thanks to Qualcomm, AI feels like it’s doing a little more.

That was certainly the case with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which used AI on the actual device to make things happen creatively, but what else is going on?

Adobe looks to be doing the same thing, and it won’t need a new phone and a new chip.

This week, Adobe has released a beta of its mobile app Adobe Express, which is a little like Adobe’s version of Canva, except with some AI thrown in for good measure.

The beta Adobe Express rolling out places it Firefly AI front and centre for folks who need it, providing a fast and easy way to generate images and objects on the fly, to remove backgrounds, and fill parts of a scene by simply typing a text prompt in and generating either a photorealistic equivalent or something inspired by art.

It’s the same AI technology Adobe integrated into Photoshop, and is appearing throughout more of its apps, but there’s a little more than just image creation here.

There’s support for video editing with clips, images, animations, and even captions, though in playing with the tool, we found the image side of things was better developed than video, and there are still bugs here and there as well. It is a beta, after all.

One thing that does make it useful, however, is the support of templates to start you off, with access to fonts, stock images, and more, while also providing ways to quickly resize and schedule content to social services, as well.

“The new Adobe Express mobile app puts Firefly – our generative AI models – front and centre, giving users unprecedented ways to create videos, designs, photos and images that stand out,” said Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President for Adobe Express and Digital Media Services at Adobe.

Worth noting is that some of these features may end up being premium later on, but right now, the beta app is available in a free state for iOS and Android.

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