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TikTok gets alliterative with Ticketmaster TikTok ticketing

What happens when music videos connect with real-life music performances? You find your way to ticket purchases on one of the world’s biggest social video platforms.

TikTok is expanding what it can do in Australia, and indeed much of the rest of the world, as the service connects with music fans in a slightly different way.

While TikTok Music is still very much in its infancy, TikTok is expanding its music offerings by providing ticketing on its platform, connecting to Ticketmaster in Australia for embedded ticket links in the app coming by way of artist videos.

The addition is something making its way to TikTok in Australia, Europe, the UK, and North America this week, with an in-app feature that will let you buy tickets to concerts directly from TikTok itself while you watch a video from that muso.

It’ll be specific to Ticketmaster globally, and in Australia where tickets are run through more than just Ticketmaster — such as Ticketek — it means performances available through the former will be found on TikTok, just not the latter.

That may mean artists you follow may not have tickets available, though some definitely may.

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