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Sony slims down PS5 to end the year

A new look is often a resolution to start the year on, but as we end 2023, Sony is giving the PlayStation 5 a new slimmer look and apparently plenty of stock.

It’s been some time since the PS5 launched, and while there weren’t a whole lot of units available in those first few years **shakes head** things have changed. Launched back in November of 2020, finding a PS5 up until this year wasn’t easy.

Fortunately, things have changed, and with stock shortages largely a thing of the past, Sony has turned to giving its current-gen console a new look and style while updating the storage capacity.

Just like when it was first released, the PS5 will still come in two versions: one with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and another without, the “digital” version.

They’ll be practically identical except for the inclusion of a drive, running an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 chip alongside 16GB RAM and 1TB of solid-state storage, with the main choice being whether you want a Blu-ray drive or not. That’ll change the weight some, with the Blu-ray equipped PS5 weighing 3.2kg and the Digital Edition of the new PS5 some 600g lighter at 2.6kg.

However, they’ll also be slightly slimmer and sleeker, with a similar look to the original PlayStation 5, but just made to be more slender overall, reducing the volume by as much as 30 percent.

In Australia, the new PS5 models will cost $679.95 and $799.95 for the digital and Blu-ray equipped models respectively, while the now optional extra that is the Ultra HD Blu-ray drive will be sold separately for $159.95. An optional vertical stand will also cost $49.95 locally.

In terms of customisation, Sony notes that console covers will start to arrive for the new models early next year, though pricing has yet to be confirmed.

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