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Skullcandy, Burton collaborate for special edition earphones

Earphones and headphones styled a little differently to match what you might take to the snow are coming from Skullcandy as the cold begins to kick in.

It’s not unusual to find a limited edition here and there from audio makers, what with the special edition options we’ve seen from Beats and the limited colours from Bang & Olufsen, but they’re not alone.

In fact, as the colder months begin to kick in and the idea of a trip to the snow becomes more of a possibility for many a local, a style specifically suited to that activity could be of interest.

That’s what appears to be on the cards for Skullcandy, which is decorating its headphones in a variety the company confirms is a limited edition, something it has collaborated with ski-brand Burton for.

The range takes three styles of Skullcandy headphone — the Mod, Push Active, and Crusher Evo — and gives them a new paint job, with different looks on either side, and one that might be suitable for the street and slopes alike. It’s a combination Skullcandy says combines peach, pink, and purple cheetah spots on one side, while the other is olive green, taking inspiration from Burton’s aesthetics.

Everything else is the same, though, with the Skullcandy x Burton Mod True Wireless being a $100 truly wireless pair with up to 34 hours of battery life and an IP55 water resistance rating, the $180 Skullcandy x Burton Push Active sporting up to 44 hours of battery life with over-ear hooks and IP55 rating just like last year’s Push Active launched with, and the $330 Skullcandy x Burton Crusher Evo offering 40 hours of battery life in an over-ear design.

Skullcandy’s local team confirms that once these limited edition Burton models disappear, they aren’t coming back, and that while the Burton thing might be an aesthetic choice, they will work in the snow.

“We are a brand that was born on a ski lift, by Rick Alden, he was a snowboarder. We sponsor snowboarders and skiers, Olympic champions, X Games gold medallists, we make products for actions sports, we are sold at the resorts… so yes, Skullcandy products are proven to work in the snow all around the world,” a spokesperson told Pickr.

They’re heading to stores in Australia from April, which should be just in time for those colder months to arrive, as well.

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