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Rode adds video support to streaming options with Streamer X

Australia’s Rode may well be known for its audio chops, but it’s about to offer something for streamers and video capturers alike: support for video, as well.

After making a good solid dent on the audio world for over fifty years, Australia’s Rode is doing some expanding.

We’ve seen a big effort in the digital microphone area for the company in recent years, as it pushes its understanding of the old school into more places, complete with a microphone that embraces both the older XLR cable with the newer USB Type C digital cable, something no other mic has ever done before.

Bridging worlds is definitely happening in audio for Rode, but it’s not the only part of the market the company is building a bridge in. There’s also there world of video, too.

Streamers and video makers are already a focus of Rode’s digital microphones, what with gaming microphones on offer from the company, but the next effort will expand on the Rode gaming mics in a big way, connecting video to a computer, too.

That bridge will be the Streamer X, a video streaming gadget that marries some of the design and feature set of the podcast-controlling Rode Podcaster Pro with video inputs, allowing you to take in 2K and 4K connections, controlling what goes on screen or into a computer, complete with a microphone, as well.

Rode’s Streamer X will include four customisable controller pads for triggering sound effects or voice samples, or really any other macro action you can apply, making it a little like the Elgato Stream Deck, but with a video system thrown in for gamers and streamers alike, or really anyone looking to talk over a feed.

There’s also support for XLR microphones complete with a Rode Revolution Preamp and its recent Aphex audio processing chip out of its gaming mics, with two USB Type C ports to support two computers if need be.

It’s just one of the ways Rode is showing off its creativity this year, with a more compact version of the Rodecaster Pro on the way in the Rodecaster Duo.

Made for smaller podcasts recorded anywhere, this includes preamps, audio processing, but support for just two microphones and headphones, plus effects and monitoring. Basically, it’s a compact approach to recording.

There’s also a new microphone learning from features in the NT1 5th-gen, as the Podmic gets a USB version. Kinda sorta.

The 2023 PodMic will offer the same style of sound as the original in its XLR port, but there’s also a Type C port built into the design, just like in the NT1 5. Opting for the digital connection on the PodMic will see a preamp kick in, Aphex processing, and support connections to computers, phones, and tablets alike.

Rode also has a backpack on the way to house all of these things, a charging case made for the Wireless Go II microphone transmitter system, and some updates to the Wireless Go II that will see WAV support added, as well as camera presets to make the mic system more friendly to more devices off the bat.

Sadly, there’s no local availability or pricing for any of this just yet, but we’ll let you know as and when that changes.

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