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Paramount set to add shopping to TV viewing with QR

The next series you binge might just give you direct access to product placement, as Paramount looks set to try something in Australia that could affect the world.

Product placement in movies and TV shows can vary wildly, but typically the vibe is to make you feel as though the product can be found and used in your life. And that’s not always the case.

Excusing the blatant product placement of Minority Report — which may have been there to show how much of a consumerist culture we were developing into — you can find product placement in just about anything and everything. It might be as simple as a can of Coke or the regular use of iPhones on productions made for Apple TV+, product placement typically is about showing you the devices people are using and you can, too.

But outside of the home shopping networks, you’ve never really been afforded direct access to purchasing them. You’ve had to Google them or find them in store, and then buy them.

My my, how things look set to change.

How Paramount will turn Survivor into a shopping service of sorts

Paramount is going to test something that lets you buy products directly being used in TV shows, or something near to them, thanks to the wonder of QR codes.

It’s an idea Paramount Australia has announced it will be testing in Australia specifically during Australian Survivor next year called “Shoppable TV”.

The idea is simple: as viewers watch a program, they’ll be able to pause the show and browse products and merchandise they might have just seen. When paused, the products will be shown in a carousel with a “Shop Now” button, which when pressed will show a QR code to help those viewers part with their money directly.

In short, Shoppable TV is actionable TV shopping, replacing the phone call from a shopping network with the QR codes we’ve all become totally familiar with, simply scanning it with a phone and letting our bank accounts and credit cards do the rest.

The announcement came alongside news that Paramount Plus will also be adding tiers to its subscription service, expected alongside Binge’s addition of 4K and joining Netflix and Stan with 4K-specific plans set to roll out for $13.99 monthly and $124.99 yearly on November 16. Meanwhile, Paramount also announced an ad-supported plan was also on the way, but not expected until next year.

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