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LG slims a 15 inch laptop to 998g

A big laptop that’s both thing and light? You might not need to dream big, as LG’s SuperSlim arrives.

Laptops are always getting thinner and lighter, but if it feels like development into the world’s thinnest and lightest machines has been slowing to a crawl, and largely hit a stop, you’re probably not alone.

Lately, the portable laptop is portable enough. If you yearn for something truly portable that doesn’t hurt the back, chances are you’ll end up on 13 inch laptop at just over a kilogram.

Your back will thank you, but if you need a bigger screen, you mightn’t approve. The larger 15 inch computers not only add some size, but also weight.

That’s changing, though, and the latest laptop on the way from LG might just be a good example of how: at just under 11mm thick and weight under a kilogram, the LG Gram SuperSlim may well be one of the thinnest 15 inch computers yet.

Built for portability, LG’s Gram SuperSlim includes a 15.6 inch OLED screen — a category LG knows all too well — and running an Intel Core i7 13th-gen chip paired with 16GB RAM, 512GB storage, and three USB Type C ports.

Keeping those ports down in size is one way LG has been able to get the size down, which hits a measly 10.9mm when closed, but there’s also the design and casing, which based on the specs suggests the use of magnesium and aluminium, helping to keep the durability up and the size down.

What you won’t see on the SuperSlim 15 inch is a 4K screen, a touch display, and support for anything higher than 60Hz, which is what this computer comes with, but the focus here is more on size and weight than anything else, and all without sacrificing performance. Featuring an Intel Core i7 inside and plenty of memory, there’s a fair amount of room to move.

“As our thinnest LG Gram model yet, the LG gram SuperSlim sets a new standard for ultra-portable laptops,” said Brad Reed, Head of B2B Marketing at LG in Australia.

“Delivering a balance of mobility and power, it is designed for consumers looking for a laptop that offers ultra-computing performance and seamless connectivity to support productivity even while on-the-go,” he said.

One other thing missing from the announcement is the price, which LG hasn’t quite said yet, though is expected soon given a July release. Overseas, the LG SuperSlim 15 is expected to cost $1699 USD, which translates to around $2600 locally, so you can probably expect a local tag of between $2500 and $2899 when it’s released next month.

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